Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Flip ultraHD disappointment

So I recieved my PRIZE. The Flip Ultra HD recorder. Its very cute and stylish and makes a great umm.. paper IT doesnt work darn it! I put in the batteries and nothing, I put my own batteries and nothing, I plugged into comp and nothing.... It doesnt work.
Their customer service was lousy. The girl that answered sounded as if she was 15 and busy texting frinds to talk to me. She told me I needed to let it "rest" for 2-3 days then try again. But she couldn' t tell me why! I had to research it on the internet to find the answer at which point I did. NOT that hard lady! Anyways I submitted a a request online to get my fixed or more clarification. So we will see
I know its free so I am not that mad, but it was still given to me as a "product tester" and I cant test the product! I did the bad thing and looked up on the internet problem others were having and there were hundreds if not thousadnds having simiular problems as weel as horrible computet issues with it.. They say the video is great but can freeze up computer bad when dowloading and after about 3 months the port doesnt recognize the usb anymore... so obviously there is a software and firmware issue that needs to be resolved.
OOOO well hopefully mine will work so I can start useing it...!!!! If it works I will love

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